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Netflix paid 320 thousand dollars to famous con artist Anna Sorokin for her story

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Anna Sorokin, accused of defrauding banks, hotels and many rich people in the USA, received 320 thousand dollars from Netflix to make her story a series. Netflix's series will meet with the audience this year.

In an article last year we reported to you Anna Sorokina's ' den we talked abAnna Sorokinout . Anna Sorokin, who introduced herself as Anna Delvey, defrauded banks, hotels and various wealthy people, saying she had an inheritance of $ 68 million. It was stated that Netflix also wanted to make Sorokin's story a series.

The price Netflix paid Anna Sorokin for this TV series project became clear: 320 thousand dollars . We will watch the life of Sorokin, one of the most known and well-known fraudsters of the recent period, as a Netflix series.

320 thousand dollars from Netflix to Anna Sorokin


Anna Sorokin, who was arrested in 2017, will pay 199 thousand dollars of the money from Netflix to the banks where he defrauded, and 24 thousand dollars to the fines he received. Sorokin, who accepted to pay 70 thousand dollars to Citibank, paid 100 thousand dollars to City National Bank and 75 thousand dollars to his lawyers .

Anna Sorokin, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison after her arrest, was decided to be released early in February 2021. After Sorokin's sentence was upheld, he appealed the decision. According to Dmitriy Shaknevich, a law professor, if the appeal overturns the verdict, Sorokin's sentences could be cleared.


In Inventing Anna, which is based on the article published in New York Magazine, Anna Delvey will be played by Julia Garner, whom we saw in Ozark, Maniac and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Laverne Cox, whom we previously watched in Orange is the New Black, and Terry Kinney, whom we saw in Oz and The Mentalist, will also be in the series.


The first season of the Inventing Anne series will consist of 10 episodes and will be presented to the audience in 2021. The net broadcast date of the series is not yet known.

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